AAAR apuesta por utilizar las mejores herramientas para llevar a cabo su trabajo. En esta línea, desde el año 2013 realiza formación especializada en REVIT, para en la actualidad, aplicar la tecnología BIM en la redacción de proyectos.

    Desde el inicio hasta el final, esta metodología nos permite capturar y analizar los conceptos, las diferentes opciones de diseño, cuantificando las y valorando su viabilidad ante posibles alternativas.

    Creamos un modelo BIM, que contiene el ciclo de vida completo del edificio, desde la conceptualización y creación proyectual, pasando por su fase de construcción y llegando a su finalización, englobando toda la información para su correcto uso, mantenimiento y explotación.

  • ISO 9001 i 14006

    Since the beginning of 2013 we are working with a quality management and Ecodesign system based on ISO 9001:2008 and UNE-EN ISO14006: 2011 standards, respectively. The implementation process was supervised by Qualinneo, and certified by SGS ICS Ibérica S.A. in July 2013.

  • AAAR was founded in Barcelona in 1998 by four colleagues who had been at university together.

    Abad. “The heart is essential to express and convey architecture, to live it”. 
    Altabàs. “The bones provide strength, the foundation of architectural construction”.
    Álvaro. “The veins, for the internal functioning that will lend the building usage and life”.
    Raventós. The brain, the overall vision that drives and organizes the parts to create a whole”.

    We make up an inseparable body from the combined mind we share with our passion for architecture, the guiding thread of our professional practice. A forward-looking approach, team work and our will to continuously improve allow us to carry out projects combining architectural quality with quality customers service.

  • Within this framework we have achieved broad experience in:

    -Medical facilities and cultural centres such as Hostalric Library,... “in a place in which the historical heritage fills the urban landscape with visual landmarks such as the castle, the church and the city walls, we resolved the project on the basis of creativity, imagining it as a bastion protecting a higher volume, which houses the book collection and places it in direct dialogue with the castle.”

    -Schools or social centres such as Sandaru civic centre,... “where the idea lies in understanding an initial volume given by the shape of Barcelona’s Eixample district, as if it were a rock that had to be excavated to allow light and air to enter it. The plan-making process had to be imagined in reverse: instead of a site to be built upon we thought of it like a rock to be drilled out.”

    -Projects involving working on and refurbishing the Historical Heritage,... “in which the basic pillar for their proper execution is experience, basic for resolving the iconic refurbishment of the modernist Escorxador building in Figueres, a project in which rigour brought to the historical study allowed us to combine respectful restoration with appropriate adaptation for current uses and regulations, putting it once again at the service of the citizens.”

    -Social housing projects such as the La Girada set of dwellings,... “in which social responsibility lay in promoting a typological mixture of dwellings, with flexible solutions in order to cater for different kinds of users: young people, the elderly, couples or families; thus improving their harmonious co-existence and their integration into society as a whole.”

    -Private multi-family blocks of dwellings or single-family houses, such as the BT house,... “a sustainable and energy-efficient dwelling which was given an A classification by the Catalan Institute of Energy, this is a clear example of our constant concern for the environment.”

    -Urban planning and development works in public spaces, such as the planning of Vilajuïga town centre,... “in which professionalism and honesty formed the pillars of our task, as well as bringing in citizen participation, making it a tool for growth much appreciated by the inhabitants themselves.”

    -Entering competitions in various fields of architecture, winning awards and public recognition,... “in which dreams and enthusiasm for our work reach a great intensity.”

  • Values...

    Creativity and imagination to produce original ideas -experience to choose and develop the best of those ideas -rigour, responsibility towards society and the environment - these are the basic pillars, which are intrinsic to AAAR and the basis for our work as a multidisciplinary team with outside collaborators from various spheres, such as engineers, geologists, economists, environmentalists, politicians, lawyers and others, with our sights keenly set on ongoing improvement.