Townhouses on Riera Ginjolers

Promoter: RosesFutur
Location: Riera Ginjolers de Roses, Alt Empordà
Date: October 2006
Floor area: 5.718,43 m2

Finalist of Architectural Awards of the Regions of Girona 2007

The set of 26 homes corresponds to the development of the study of detail for the block 3 of PERI Granja Sant Josep. Written by our team.

The new arrangement is based on the provision of three packets of 9 homes each, as the PERI does. Modifying, however, the provision in L (4+5), which was unfavorable for certain housing and organizing the new U-shaped rows (2+5+2).
The objectives of the study were:
- Strengthen the will of the planning to generate urban facade to the promenade Riera Ginjolers, and achieve greater continuity of the green slope, which provided the PERI.
- Ensure favorable conditions of orientation, situation and relative position to all the plots.
- Improve the quality of private green spaces being collected between building packages.
- Eliminate the easement under the housing perpendicular to the stream.
- Improve the privacy of homes.

With these criteria, and responding to the occupation allowed by the planning, the building is articulated on a square mesh of 8,5 meters, which occupies the basement at 100% and 75% on ground, organizing a modular provision of the L-shaped houses around a courtyard.

The articulation of this modular system allows us to introduce variables in the distribution of housing according to their relative position to maximize the best orientation and visual conditions, and natural ventilation and sun.

The flexibility of the set allowed us to further develop the group of 2 dwellings to 1 in the southeast corner, closer to town, resulting in a unique type of housing integrally adapted to the volume. And also resolve the necessary topographic adaptation of the building which had to adapt to 2 parallel streets, in a different level, and to the steep slope of the facade to the stream.

The result tries to achieve a unitary overall picture, but at the same time it breaks with the rigid scheme of the conventional townhouses.