94 Homes in Riera Ginjolers - Roses

Promotor: Felipromo
Emplazamiento: Roses, Alt Empordà
Fecha: Abril 2008
Superficie: 12.782 m2

Responding to the needs of society for access to housing, from private promotion, ownership conduct a building with a wide variety of typologies of 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms.
The sort criteria specified in the realization of volumes, and to achieve the best orientation, for good sun and ventilation of all homes, are the basis of the proposal.
Despite the typological variety, it is realized a joint treatment of the set, generating a clear organizational and compositional picture of the block. Formalized by: 
1. The articulation of the various staggered parts of the volume regarding slope. 
2. The continuous and framed cantilever, strengthening the horizontal to the south and east. 
3. The use of bare brick walls in massive elements. 
4. The modulation of openings. 
5. The definition of the ground floor. 
6. The difference of 1 floor between the edification of parallel streets, offering a favorable section to sun conditions and natural ventilation of the courtyard. 
7. The treatment of the inner courtyard, core ladders and the two facades.
And while fleeing from mimetic repetition of the different sections of facade, acknowledging their orientation (cantilevers regarding north openings) and functional organization.