House WN

Location: Begur, Baix Empordà
Date: April 2008

Single family house in Begur

In the first analysis we see that the orientation of the plot and visuals from the site are opposite, and secondly, the topography in steep slope as a determining factor, which seeks to establish a relationship of integration, seeking a discreet presence, and taking advantage of the qualities that gives us the location.

We decide to locate the built element in the middle of the plot, once we have overcome the depth of the neighboring buildings, getting a platform from which it is possible to enjoy the best visual.

Access is at the top of the site and from here we descend through a diagonal ramp, as if it was the street, to the roof of the building, which will serve as the basis of parking. On this level it is provided the auxiliary body of the garage, which also makes the role of gateway to the main building.

The house is developed in two floors, linked together by the double space of the staircase. The movement is clear and rational through a walkway that leads from the access courtyard to the staircase avoiding unnecessary routes.

The interior spaces are conceived as continuous and open spaces. On the top floor, the bathroom is in the middle of the floor, it is a surrounded box that organize this floor into two bedrooms, one of them possible to divide, but without losing the character of unique space.

The lower floor, raised without dividing walls, brings together the uses of living room, dining room and kitchen, and behind the wall of the staircase there are the service spaces, a bathroom, the pantry and laundry room.

The living room stretches on both sides, in an interior-exterior continuity , into two terraces on both sides of this space, one of them searching the best views and the other the best orientation. The pool is clearly lengthwise stipulated, containing the main terrace, and further stretching to merge with the landscape.