House CV

Location: Viladamat, Alt Empordà
Date: November 2005

Single family house in Viladamat

In an environment of traditional construction, the starting point of the project is the structure of Catalan farmhouse, consisting of a square plan of three spaces separated 4 meters between suporting walls.

To enjoy the best sun conditions, energy utilization and visuals, center and west quadrant are occupied by a courtyard around which is organized the house, opening to the best visual and inside the plot.

This square of 12 x 12 meters is slightly high compared to the upper surface of the ground, formalizing the skin of the house as a large massive sheet surrounding the house and developed from the roof of the first floor, arriving to the ground and returning by the roof of ground floor. The closures resulting from folds (glass and bare brick wall) combine the warmth and transparency.

The resulting ground floor is U-shaped, while the north wing grows one floor closing the facade to north wind. The addition of the parking makes the roof move from the courtyard to the facade of the street, reinforcing the regrowth of the north wing.