House CP

Location: Roses, Alt Empordà
Date: December 2007

Single family house in Roses

This is a site in a corner inside the historic center of Roses. The existing edification is a good example, because of the characteristics of the plot, the construction system and its typology of traditional housing of the working classes and old houses of fishermen or land workers.

On the ground floor, within the stone walls, there are still surviving two large jars on which grapes were poured and mashed, and a third one for the fermentation of the grape. There is also a small well.

The project seeks to improve the use of existing spaces and tries to respect the existing volume.

It is proposed a free ground floor in the main body and to place the access and the staircase in a service core. The access and the service units are concentrated in the area of the site left by the main body, which has a specific volume, formalized as a box with controlled openings and traditional closures, masonry walls and sloping roof with Arabic tiles.

The height of surrounding buildings and the traditional volume of the main body are separated by the cushion formed by the service core.

The floor of the main body is better at the time that the staircase to the first floor goes to the service core, allowing the rooms be situated on the facade and occupying the rest of the body with the living-dining room. The core service ends on the second floor, forming a double space open to the living room and enabling a terrace above the dining room, which is directly used by the second floor studio.

All service spaces use the ventilated facade, which formalizes the strip of separation of nearby buildings and the main body, for its function, ventilation and pipes.