Rental housing in La Girada

Promoter: INCASOL
Location: Vilafranca del Penedès, Alt Penedès
Date: May 2007
Floor area: 5.467,13 m2

The starting point of our proposal is to raise a building scheme based on inner courtyards that allow to situate the small housing units, of 40, 50 and 70 m2, on both sides of those 16m edificable deep, creating attractive and functional inner circulation spaces. Access to housing is produced through a corridor that crosses the interior courtyards, which are ventilated by his superior facade. Thanks to the emergence of these yards a cross-ventilation in homes is achieved.

The other key factor is the east-west orientation of the facades of the streets. In order to control the sun, it is proposed to create set back terraces and cantilevers in the facade, always seeking the best orientation.


The alternation between the types is made possible by a modulated and rational structure, which allows to organize them randomly with a set of terraces and cantilevers. The number and arrangement of types is variable but is fixed to the conditions of the property in 20 houses of 40m2 (1 bedroom), 13 houses of 50m2 (2 bedrooms), 4 of whom are courtyard housing type on the ground floor, and 14 houses of 70 m2 (3 bedrooms).
The rationality of the space allows to place the main rooms on the facade, and to concentrate kitchens and bathrooms in the inner courtyards. Among the bathrooms and corridors are situated vertical cores of facilities, fully accessible from them. On the interior courtyards, taking up the entire width of a module, it is projected a cantilever, 80 cm wide, for laundry and clothesline.


The resulting facade is not an abstract level, but reflects the disposition of the pieces. Being a composition interchangeable, the elements that make up the facade are modulated and just move on the floor, doing his setting up eminently industrialitzable. The result is a massive planes that optimize a ventilated facade system, which responds perfectly to the overheating of the west facade.


The structure is defined by a set of reinforced concrete porches, on the transversal axis of the building, which are situated at a steady rate, 4.62 meters between them. These porches are composed of four pillars, also made with reinforced concrete, defining three beams, which are repeated in the succession of porches.

Thanks to the steady rate of the main porches, enables the introduction of a prefabricated element as a unit to cover the span between them. It is chosen to execute beam and pot floor, with shuttering slab. This element is used as a lost form for the realization of the floor, with a decent finish to be painted and left seen.