Sports Hall Vilajuïga

Promoter: Town Council of  Vilajuïga
Location: Vilajuïga, Alt Empordà
Date: April 2003
Floor area:  1.709,60 m2

The project is clearly developed into two perfectly differentiated bodies, both in functional program as in construction, the Services Building and the Multipurpose Hall. This allows us to perform the building in two phases. The first building will contain and limit the football field along 81 m, while the second one slips regarding it through the intermediary component of communication. The game of displacements allows us to define the project with the dominance of the horizontal dimension, thus reducing the impact of the volume. So the hall is removed from the Camí de Quermençó, showing the castle and creating a courtyard between the two bodies. In the east facade, this relationship becomes the access square to the sports area, and the filter inside-outside of the enclosure.