Medical center in Sant Jordi Desvalls

Promoter: GISA
Location: Sant Jordi Desvalls, Girona
Date: March 2010
Floor area: 196,43 m2

The outcome of a study of this environment is to enhance the dialogue of the building with this exterior space, thus establishing a good relation with the streets and enhancing civic relations.

The access to the building is situated on the corner, which coincides with the central axis of outdoor space.

From the entrance we find the hall, the reception and waiting rooms, so that the visual and physical relation is totally direct.

Opening the corner into outer space, we get not only a correct relation with the outside space, but we favor that the entry to the contiguous equipment is more open to this exterior space.

The doctor's offices, infirmary and treatment rooms and installations are located at the rear of the site. Through a hallway, these spaces are communicating with the first ones, so that they are configured, on plan and volume, as two separate bodies with different characters. The first one is more transparent and open to the outside space and the other one more closed and functional.