Medical center in Vilablareix

Promoter: GISA
Location: Vilablariex, Girona
Date: January 2011
Floor area: 336,74 m2

From a single volume, with a movement of the roof towards the center of the site, a series of spaces are generated, some enclosed between the main volume and the closing wall of the site, and others opening to outdoor space.

The access of the building is situated on the corner, which coincides with the confluence of the two streets. From the entrance, the building grows as its dominant axis, parallel to the street Farigola. The hall and waiting room are situated on the main facade, so that the visual and physical relation is totally direct.

Directly related to the hall we findthe reception-archive and the toilets, as well as the waiting room, from which we access to doctor's offices, infirmary and treatment room. The remaining spaces that make up the Medical Center are located in volumes that are generated between the main body and the closing wall of the site.