Promoter: Barcelona City Council. Sant Marti district
Location: Nàpols street corner with Buenaventura Muñoz street, Barcelona
Date: February 2007
Floor area: 4.258,43 m2

Civic Center Sandaru

The project intends to solve the difficult integration of a public building with a complex program in a an irregular plot of an enlargement block, being adapted to the needs and interests of the elders and in line with environmental awareness and urban culture of our time.

The building is conceived as an only heavy solid in which a few big gaps were performed. These gaps organize the space and connect the different areas of the program. These extractions of material are mainly focused on the chamfer, where the plan is superior in depth, getting natural light and ventilation inside the building and linking them in an open way to the neighborhood and to the city, thereby enhancing the public and participative character.

Given the geometry of the dividing wall to the courtyard of the block, the proposed volume is not aligned to it, but generates some Setbacks that in the ground floor become courtyards where ventilate and receive natural light the rooms dumped on them.

The functional distribution of the spaces starts from the requested program, from the interpolation of it with a rational structural pattern, and from the association of the vertical movement cores and services of the building. This allows us to resolve the organization of the proposed uses in a clear way, providing the building of great flexibility and adaptability to future needs.

The chamfer, with good solar orientation and connection with the urban structure of the enlargement, becomes the agglutinative of formal tensions, causing big holes and the main entrance of the building.